So here I am finding myself watching the 54th ANC NATIONAL CONFERENCE, it’s praises here and there, a few prayers, fist in the air and of course the dancing. Nothing I have NOT seen before, it’s always the same thing over and over again – talks about liberation and freedom, the same old story. To me, it’s becoming watered down and quite frankly, it’s stupid to continue this parade, we look like fools don’t even know it – the singing is the most annoying of all the stupid things they do at such gatherings.
It seems as if no one wants to get serious, we’re like children, thinking that singing, praises, dancing and the occasional fist in the air will get us back or country, and Independence. We as Africans, it seems, do not want to be free, we don’t want to be a better people, we continue our tradition of our ancestors – which brought no benefit back then, the singing, prayers, dancing, not wanting more for our children. We only think of today, like the animals in the wilderness, tomorrow must provide for itself – a childlike mentality.

There are some things in my culture that I respect, and upheld, but to continue this clownish behavior is not going to get us far – we want to entertain other people, a sign of a weak person. We talk too much, for hours we talk and get no where – our people still live in squatter camps, impoverished, while the politicians are getting fat and uglier by the day. They annoy me with their stupidity, and their foolish talk – something the rest of South Africa seems to enjoy.

I say that the old generation must die-off quickly, their old cowardice ways is what’s stopping us from making progress. They are still fearful of their former enemy, and our current enemy, which they, as a whole, were too incompetent to defeat. Today, we the new generation still have the same problems they had, but it’s beautifully color coded with small talk and big smiles. They think that they fought for liberation, by singing and dancing but it’s all a lie! It was help from outside that brought change, it was other Africans who, today, can not even visit South Africa, that brought change. They fought the wars while our older generation was singing and dancing in the streets, their so-called “protest”.

There was no real civil war in South Africa, this is the reason we’re still impoverished. We want to going loving everything white, something that infuriates me – the weave, the stupid look on these women’s faces when they have their stinking weave on. It’s disgusting, and a sign of inferior complex. They wear these sickening things with great pride!

I tell myself many times not to get too emotional about these things, but it’s disturbing and I can not see myself cohabitating with such people any longer. To me they can NOT be Africans, they are NOT worthy.

This is not our own doing, but I blame the generation who came before me for not fighting harder, for not giving it their all. Instead, they wanted to work for the “baas” – who gave them nothing but a few cents and old bread.

My mother told about my grandfather, who sucked up to his white employer like a baby to a tit. Whenever the “baas” came to pick my grandfather up, if he was still drinking his hot coffee he would immediately stop and run out to the “baas”. If they called for him, he had to kneel and take off his hat at the door. Today, my mother can not stand whites for the humiliation they brought on to her father, because when he came home he would take out his frustration on his wife and her. He wanted a son that could help him work for the “baas”, but she was born( a blessing for me, but a curse for him), he hated her – for what could a woman do?

Today I still see this obedient behavior in many Africans, it’s sickening! They still trust whites with their lives, because all is well, right? It makes me want to strangle some of them, their childish/childlike mentality/behavior is what got us in this mess in the first place – but today they still sing “Forgive and Forget” as if millions of our ancestors were not murdered, raped, enslaved and sold to the highest bidder.

Tell Africans the truth, and they’ll hate for it – even kill you. They want a fantasy, to take all their pain and incompetence away. A fantasy where all is well, in this fantasy we’re colorblind – even white ourselves. A lovely fantasy, for the weak and incompetent of course.

Whites created a fantasy for themselves after they discovered that the world was Black and Brown dominated. In this fantasy, they are the providers/bringers and gods of civilization. Everything great in history, they created – IN THEIR FANTASY OF COURSE. Now melanated people wants a fantasy too, but in this fantasy as mentioned above, we’re all equal, even family – one people, colorblind… But the rest of the world does not feel this way, the “white world” together with their “near-whites” and mulattos has another fantasy going, in their mind, they want world dominance, total control – something they almost have and something they’ll try to get by any and all means necessary.

In conclusion, I’d like to ask you, the melanated reader, to stop this madness of protesting against people who’ll never listen. In turn you’ll start to see what’s really meant to be done, stop wasting your time with this fruitless silly protest and start to for your future in ways never seen or heard of before.

For LAND and VILLAGE! Amandla!


Selective Breeding

I wrote something a long time ago about “Selective Breeding”, how whites employ it not just in their horses or other domesticated animals but in/on themselves and even on unsuspecting Melanated people(Melanoids).

I posted it on Facebook but not many understood it, how if done unconsciously(carelessly) it could keep us in an endless cycle of stupidity but if done consciously(carefully/selectively) it could change everything about us, and our future.

I’ll try to explain again.

Let’s take for example: whites did not procreate with other people when they first colonized their lands, some did but it was later banned/forbidden because they were small in numbers of “pure whites” – they would’ve easily been outbred and replaced by mulattoes. They couldn’t let that happen so early in their colony, hence the banning, however it did happen later but only after they established themselves and brainwashed the mulattoes into thinking that they too are white.

Hence, today they talk about “dark skin whites” which is just another lie, it’s Selective Breeding and here’s how they get the “dark skin white” type and those that can otherwise tan if exposed to sunlight. You’ll see many in Europe can’t really tan, or not as much as the ones outside of Europe.

Firstly, after the colony was established, they needed new and obviously superior genetics not only to give them diversity, but also a huge population boost. They knew that heavy inbreeding causes major defects(bottlenecks) which in turns give rise to diseases such as multiple cancers, weak immunity etc.

I imagine that they firstly took advantage of the already mulattoes and incorporated them into their bloodline by way of legalising interracial dating but also restricting it by publicly shaming those who do it but also encouraging it at the same time – YOU’LL FIGURE OUT WHY THEY DID IT IN SUCH A MANNER IF YOU’RE SMART ENOUGH. -wink-

Second strategy would be to encourage the the breakup of Melanated relationships to get things really going now, by putting agents in their circles, agents could’ve been both white or Melanated. The propaganda machine was really working at this stage, because this was crucial for the next stage of their Selective Breeding program.

I would imagine at this stage, they would carefully watch this space because now they would have to encourage the parents of this interracial union and the offspring(unknowingly) to marry or breed back into the white gene pool – bringing new genetics and variety hence almost all mulattoes today breed back into the white gene pool.

In turn, there are now “whites” with the AWESOME ability to turn as dark as Dravidian Indians in the summer and be as pale as “pure whites”(Albinoids) during winter.

*Reminder: whites are Dravidian albino descendants, visit http://www.realhistoryww.com for in-depth explanation.

Hence, I’ve seen “whites” that when tanned looks no different from many Dravidian Indians only to find out they are actually “white”.

You’ve seen the sudden explosion of variety in the white community, but have you wondered how that happened? At least now you have an idea how that happened.
Also, look at your advertisements on TV consciously, in one they will promote Black and white couple the next will be a mulatto and white couple. I’ve seen it so many times, I’m not fooled.

To get back to my point, we CAN do it too. We can either outbreed them by getting the mulattoes back into our gene pool, would be hard because they are mighty brainwashed and it would bring no real genetic benefits because we already have the best genetics universally – unless we count the fact that’ll dramatically lower white genetics and variety.

Or, we leave them be, breed only amongst our own but through variety e.g; Azanian and Somalian etc, to avoid “bottlenecks” but even in Azania there is much diversity!
But we must do it consciously, Melanated women should always procreate with intelligent Melanated men, the same goes for the men, take intelligent Melanated women because your descendants will spend most of their time with their mothers – and an intelligent mother spoons an intelligent future. I would prefer men to be militaristic in a way, so not to spoon intelligent but physically weak offspring.

If we go by this Beautiful Design, our future will be as bright and as powerful as the SUN that spoons Life.

*Commenters can always help to form and shape this Beautiful Design, or add rules and regulations or laws to follow. We are designing our future, so we must do everything to make this a reality.

Battle Of Species – Rise Of The Albinoids

A Fictional Background Story of Ancient History

Millions of years ago, God, being pure energy, manifested Itself into matter to experience Its own creation. After dwelling Earth for many years, God decided to split Itself into 6. Giving rise to 3 males and 3 females. The three females were Madri, Nadri and Indri. The males, Madra, Nadra and Indra. They had the ability to live without having to eat, getting their energy from the Sun and the plants around them. After indulging in the plants, fruits and vegetables, however, they lost their ability to fully sustain themselves only from the Sun, and began to become dependant on their surroundings as a food source. Having lost their way, they set out each in pairs of two on their own paths. Procreating,populating and colonising the entire planet. Madra and Madri created the Madrian people, Nadra and Nadri the Nadrian people and Indra and Indri the Indrian people. After millions of years evolution, they evolved a distinct look from each other. The Madrian people had the slanted eyes, the Indrian people were the high-bridge-narrow-nose type, the great Nadrians were known for their button noses and full lips. They all still had one thing in common, their dark brown skin tone. Having these differences, however, did not spark the coming wars, but constant changing weather, scarcity of food, the ever expanding kingdoms, misunderstandings – and the fact that they forgotten their true origins. Not all encounters were hostile, they procreated as the went into each others territories, creating even more diverse groups of people. During these expansions in and out of the continent Alkebulan, and the ever mutations/defects that occurred, one worried them the most. Their offspring were now having different eye colors, and even hair colors, not the usual/normal black or brown that they were use to. It did not stay with the eyes and hair, it progressed to more severe forms – completely pale skin. This phenomenon they could not explain, but put evil/supernatural connections to it. This happened throughout all cultures. These Albinoids suffered severely, not just because of the hot sunny climate of the areas they stayed, which they could not endure because the lack of melanin, but also the harsh treatment they got from their Melanoid counterparts. The Albinoids who survived till adulthood left their families, villages, in search for a better living. Not all left, those who stayed intermarried with Melanoid counterparts – giving rise to even greater variety of people. As the people of Alkebulan were suppressing and oppressing their Albinoids, so did the people of continent Anasia – the Indrian. A group of Indrians migrated there millions of years ago, from their former home, Ethiob. There they built the great Dravid Valley. They too oppressed and chased their Albinoids away into Central Anasia. The Madrians built their civilization in the Eastern part of Anasia, having many many kingdoms and so more enemies. However, their Albinoids lived in close contact with them, as their servants. The Indrain Albinoids, living near isolation in the central part of Anasia, preserved their history of their oppression through songs and stories around late night fires. Although they now seemingly hated the Melanoid race, they practised a form of selective breeding with nearby Melanoid races, to gain a fix degree of melanin. With this new genes they could to greater things, practise a form of agriculture that their Melanoid counterparts taught them and even increase their population dramatically… But all of this wasn’t enough. Having now acquired the arts of fighting from the many invasions, they set out to cause choas in the near Madrian Empires. With the help of the Madrian Albinoids, they successfully overthrew the Madrian Melanoids. However, they didn’t completely take over, instead it happened gradually. Madrian Melanoids were still rulers over what was now a mixed population of Mulatoids, that changed in the coming years when the Mulatoids took power. They chased their former lords into the Southern parts of Anasia, to near isolation. These Madrian Mulatoids, now a super power among the small nations of nearby Madrian Melanoids, took their villages, and chased them out. Those who stayed, either met their end or were outbred – creating more Mulatoids. Taking almost full control, the Madrian Mulatoids too practised a form of selective breeding, and implementing a sort of caste system where white/pale skin were seen as superior. These Madrian Mulatoids, further entered central Anasia, chasing the vast majority of the Indrian Albinoids still living there into different directions. Some of these Indrian Albinoids went into the West, some into the Dravid Valley, completely destroying it. Many hundreds of years passed before the Albinoids in the West could master the art of writing. They did not completely destroy the cilizations of Eura, but managed to assimilate and interbreed to a great degree, creating more Mulatoids, however, the Nadrian Melanoids remained their rulers for many thousands of years… In Dravid Valley, civilization came to a still stand. Seeing that the Albinoids who mass migrated there were illiterate, they had to be taught the basis of writing and reading. Gathering all this knowledge made them wanted more power and control. So they too set up a caste system, where white skin was superior and dark skin inferior. Prior to this system, the Indrian Melanoids, like the rest of the Melanoid race, worshipped their dark skin. Although, they too had now Mulatoids, the Albinoids wanted to become a “pure race”. Fighting against their former rulers, it was now easy to defeat them and chase them into the South. However, this unfortunate event repeated itself when the Madrians again went into central Anasia and chased the many thousands of Indrian Albinoids into the West, causing a complete collapse of the Melanoid Kingdoms of Eura. Not just the mass migration, but the disunity and fact that they assimalated with the first wave of Albinoids made them weak to defend their home. Eura went into an Age of Darkness. Here too, the Nadrian Melanoids with their Mulatoids had to educated these new comers to civilization. Which took many years. . . In these Dark Ages, a diverse group of knowledge spreaders and conquerers, the Moros, heard of the Dark Ages across a once powerful civilization. They were descendants of Nadrians, Madrians, Indrians and a mixture thereof. They set out to bring back civilization to Eura, what they’ve found there was unlike anything else, Eura was in a state of decay. Upon seeing this, they decided to conquer parts of Eura, for the sake of restoring it. Seeing all the unmained Albinoid women, they started having many relations with them, trading them, took their men as servants and exported many the northern parts of Alkebulan as slaves and into Arabnia. This, however, was sure to end in a disaster. Having ruled Eura for 800+ years, educating and teaching the Albinoids much about the world. These now highly educated Mulatoids, and some very much Albinoid in appearance, rebelled against their former Moros Lords. Wars broke out, they took power, expelling the Moros Kings. But Eura stayed Mulatoid Nation with many Albinoids too. Setting out to “explore” the rest of the world. With the maps they got from the Moros, the Amorikas was a destination for many. Sending out “missionaries”, ” explorers” and “peacemakers” was one of the strategies the now growing Albinoid Elites of Eura used to gather first hand information about the world. Their “exploration” gained them many new knowledge and technologies that they would later re-engineer and use against the world. And not just that, their exploration led them to the conclusion, that they are small fish in a shark tank – the world at large was completely populated with diverse Melanoid people. Now, finally having the means and power, they again started waging a war against the natives of Eura who was still there. Emptying Eura of its natives, some got subdued and enslaved and shipped of to Amorika, some fled into Alkebulan and some became the “Sea people”. Destroying nearly all traces of the existence of Native Melanoids was not enough, they took their identities too – commiting complete genocide against the former natives of Eura. Knowing that Alkebulan was full of Kingdoms and mighty warriors, they needed a way to destroy Alkebulan with least damage to themselves. Divide and Conquer was the order of the day. Creating distrust and disunity amongst the Natives Alkebulan. Melanoid Kingdoms rised up against each other, destroying one another. Many parts of northern Alkebulan had Albinoids, which the Moros trained, as their soldiers – which was one of their many mistakes. When the time came for the Albinoids from the outside to show their true intentions, Alkebulan was all too weak and was now being destroyed from the inside out. The Indrian Albinoids, with each victory, gaining more knowledge, more technology, more wealth, more power – and having destroyed many cultures globally, now believed that they must be the most evolved people on earth. . . Creating their United Empires on the fallen Melanoid Kingdoms – and having suffered from mass amnesia about their true origins, their “humble” beginnings in the human history, they set out to tell the world their story, re-writing history – now they are superior to all. . . Having enslaved the Melanoid people of the world for more than 400+ years, they created the illusion of freedom and in the process found new ways to keep their former gods disunified, powerless and dependant. With their back/re-engineered technology, militarized states – they have Alkebulan trapped in an endless circle of poverty, war and disunity. The Melanoid, now completely “mindbroken”, not knowing their former glory, fights an endless ghostlike war – one that they can feel but the their enemy they can not see… Will the Melanoid race unify before they are completely wiped out? Will they restore Alkebulan to its former glory? And liberate the world from the Albinoids? Or will the Indrian Albinoid reign supreme for all eternity?

Indigenous Language Revival

There are seemingly a growing trend of “First Nations” coming together and advocating the revival of their ancient culture, language in particular. But a closer look, and one can not miss the obvious – most of these “First Nation” advocates are white. This mostly happens in places outside of Africa, but Africa has fallen victim too of this trend – Egypt, Morocco etc. The people advocating for language revival and studying indigenous languages are mostly of European descend, and it makes one wonder what they stand to gain by revival languages(and cultures) they wanted to destroy so badly?

My Nubian Queen

Her hair is like that of the darkest night, Her eyes are of deep ebony brown, Yet her smile is like non-other I’ve seen thus far, She is my Nubian Queen!

The lips she posses are of rose petals, Her touch is of heaven descent, Her beauty is rare as is natural, A black woman, also my queen. Though no one is truly perfect, In my eyes she can do no wrong, My Nubian Queen everlasting…

For me there can be only her. To comfort me in my time of morn, To help lift me if I should fall, To believe there’s hope when all else fails, She’s merely being herself…also my Nubian Queen.

A strong black woman she is indeed, Also passionate with understanding as well, This woman would never leave my side, For love is never a question within my mind, My Lady, my Queen for all times…

Poem written by Antonio Mitchell

Replacing The Originals

Is there a global conspiracy amongst whites to exterminate and replace the Original/Melanated people? The answer would be YES! Just like there was a conspiracy amongst whites when they decided to divide Africa into pieces and put borders around. This is not a new idea, it’s been going on for sometime now – the native Americans are proof of this. A while back I heard from a friend that whites in South Africa wants the UN to classify them as indigenous to southern Africa in the hopes that they can claim land and keep their stolen wealth. This tactic was also implemented in South and North America, today we can clearly see these modern day “native Americans” are indistinguishable from modern day Europeans – that’s because they are indeed whites from Europe doing what they do best, STEAL. They are stealing the identities of the original black and brown skin native American people, claiming their land, wealth and money from the government(for the brutality they NEVER endured). These people are parasitic, psychopathic and xenophobic. They can not survive without melanated people, they will use any tactic possible to keep people enslaved(physically and mentally), and will ban(from their parasitic countries) or kill people that might hinder their parasitic behavior.